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I’m a visual designer. A large part of my work revolves around sign and image, which I mainly explore through the practice of

Joël Pommerat - Auteur de théatre Joël Pommerat : Theatre author
Artist's book • 2017
Anti-Zapping 2018 Anti-Zapping
Journal • 2018
Masquer, Révéler, Censurer ? 2018 Face à faces
Posters • 2018
Cucina 2019 Track'N'Food
Writing system • 2019
De l'ouverture à la découverte 2019 De l'ouverture à la découverte
Book design • 2019
1 Adulte 2023 1 Adulte
Poster • 2023

which I studied during my BFA at the ÉSAD d’Amiens, between 2017 and 2020.

Ever since I started studying graphic design, I have always had a special consideration for

X & Moi 2019 X & Moi
Lettering • 2019
Bastrinque 2020 Bastrinque
Font • 2020
Batiment 2021 BÂTIMENT
Font • 2021

from layouts to calligraphy and type design, which I studied at the MFA in Type Design at the École Estienne in Paris.

However, although I consider graphic and letter design to be the most fertile part of my work,

Faux-Réel Faux-Réel
Cartographies 2018 Cartographies
Surface sensible 2018 Surface Sensible
Minuscule 2019 Minuscule
Photos-graphein 2020 Graphein

remains my first contact with images, and also the most prolific.

I'm updating this website as often as possible, if you want to contact me, you can check my account on


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Fonts in use : Happy Times at the IKOB New Game Plus Edition by Lucas le Bihan for Velvetyne & Allerta Stencil by Matt McInerney, available on Google Fonts