"Vous êtes dans la merde" - Bouclier de Manifestant

Volume second grade school project.

In the first place, protesting is only about speaking out loud opinions. Nevertheless, most of the time, events turn into legit riots and the protesters often have to physically deal with the police. How could it be possible to create an item that could fulfill the to main goals of a demonstrator : carrying ideas to the eyes and ears of the population and authority as well as protecting the protester against the possible clashes. This  "Rioter’s Shield" lies on the analogy between a shield’s regular shape and the « You are here » symbol. On the shield, the classic dot was replaced by a planet earth-like shape and the "Vous êtes ici" ("You are here" in french) by "Vous êtes dans la merde" (You are fucked). image vedlm image vedlm 2